Monday, August 06, 2018

Honey Badgers, from Team to Tribe

A team is a group of individuals working together to achieve a goal. However, a tribe (in anthropology) is a human social group. That is: a group of people who interact with one another, share similar characteristics and have a collective sense of unity, and identity.

As I already explained in several blog posts, all the people that worked in the tech/dev department at The Motion formed a cohesive team, called the Honey Badger Team, with shared goals and a common mindset.

The Motion was an early stage startup. The platform itself was working well, we didn’t reach the product market fit, at least with the initial idea. The company, the product, and the business pivoted several times looking for monetization. The current model seems to work better than the initial one, but during all these changes, part of the team, including myself, gradually left. Motivation for leaving was different for each engineer, but in my case, I had already fostered a great team and had helped building a scalable platform.
So I looked for a new challenge in another startup. I found a great opportunity at Nextatil who is leading the agile retail revolution, but this is another story for a different blog post.

The important thing was that we were not a team anymore. The Honey Badger Team was no more, and at first, this made me sad. It was one of the cons about changing job.
However, (and I am not sure about how), we created a social group. With our mindset. With our shared history. With our way of working.
We evolved from a team to a tribe. A tribe with our own communication channels, our jokes, our standard way of solving problems. With a grown/agile mindset, aligned with the XP/DevOps values and practices.

It is incredible, but we are now spread over more than five different startups, and still all of us are thinking about spreading our values, our way of thinking, our way of solving problems. Sharing knowledge, sharing values, sharing solutions. I didn't lose a great team; I got a tribe instead. :)

Currently, we have two telegram channels, which we use to communicate or to obtain great solutions to any problem that we share.
Moreover, we are thinking about creating our invitational conference: the “Tejones Conf", an event for ourselves, our families and friends of us. If we aren't a tribe, I don’t know what we are.


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