Personal Mission

Eduardo Ferro Personal Mission

To be happy (at the present) and make those around me happy starting with my family and friends, but without limiting my circle of influence.

How I go about trying to achieve this:
  • Being responsible for my life and respecting others.
  • Looking for both personal and world balance.
  • Being myself in all aspects of my life (including professional ones).
  • Using my abilities to generate value, both intrinsic and economic, while remaining conscious of social and ethical concerns. (Looking for a positive balance with the world and humankind).
  • Always looking for a win-win scenario.
  • Learning continuously, both as a person and a professional.
  • Deciding how to react (consciously).
This implies that I will not work for businesses which I believe are not aligned with my personal mission, including:
  • Non-ethical financial business (high-frequency trading, investment banking ...).
  • Weapon manufacturers, military.
  • Casinos and gambling.
  • Abuse or exploitation of human beings, animals or degradation of natural resources.
  • Businesses that make miserable the lives of others (customers, suppliers, partners, others).
I think we are at a time when we can have a great impact on the planet both positively and negatively and it is our responsibility to keep this in mind at all times. We are facing a revolution combining collaboration, knowledge, and federation of power, so networks are the structures of the future and their growth must not only be sustained but also sustainable.
I am very interested in green and teal organizations that have "people" as their best asset.

I participate in this world, with passion and responsibility... but at a steady pace :-)