Saturday, April 18, 2020 Challenge accepted

Since April 6th, I have been working at Clarity, an incredible company with an essential yet difficult mission, to change the rules of capitalism.

Clarity aims at contributing to a more socially efficient capital allocation by providing decision makers with the most reliable and comprehensive tools to understand and optimize social and environmental impact, leveraging scientific research, and the latest technologies.

Anyone who knows me will guess that this is a mission wholly aligned with my values, so I cannot pass up this challenge. :)

In particular, I am working with the SRE team to create an internal platform that allows stream-aligned teams to work autonomously. Right now, the toil level is high, and although there is an excellent base (IaC, cloud thinking, etc.). The first step will be to help eliminate part of this toil by changing the way of working (optimizing the flow), the priorities, and simplifying some parts of the infrastructure that do not support core domains.

By the way, if this is a challenge that resonates with you, we have opened a position for the team:

Of course, in parallel to this process of reducing toil, we will try to expand the DevOps culture to the rest of the teams and provide tooling so they can have ownership of their services.

In summary, Clarity is a great challenge, with a critical and essential mission.