Thursday, September 20, 2007

C/C++ curioso lenguaje

Me gusta el lenguaje C, me gusta el C++ y muchos otros lenguajes, lo que nunca he conocido, y por tanto desconozco si me gusta o no, es el lenguaje C/C++ tan de moda. Debe ser un engendro espectacular que hace un refrito impresionante de dos lenguajes tan distintos como son C y C++....

Lo peor es que mucha gente, que supuestamente está trabajando en cualquiera de los dos lenguajes, son los que hablan de sus conocimientos de C/C++. Está claro que esto indica que deben de conocer C/C++, pero no tienen ni puta idea de C, ni de C++ puesto que sino sabrían la diferencia....

Podemos ver lo que opina acerca de este lenguaje (C/C++) el creador de C++, Bjarne Stroustrup ("estropajo" para los que no podemos pronunciar su apellido), en el FAQ que tiene en su página web:


What do you think of C/C++?

No that's not really a question I often get. In that sense, it is the only "fake FAQ" in this FAQ. However, it ought to be a FAQ because people use "C/C++" as if it meant something specific and as if they knew what it meant, leading to much confusion and misery. People should ask "What is C/C++?" and then on reflection stop using the term. It does harm.

There is no language called "C/C++". The phrase is usually used by people who don't have a clue about programming (e.g. HR personnel and poor managers). Alternatively, it's used by people who simple do not know C++ (and often not C either). When used by programmers, it typically indicates a "C++ is C with a few useful and a lot of useless complicated features added" attitude. Often, that is the point of view of people who like to write their own strings and hash tables with little knowledge of the standard library beyond printf and memcpy. There are people who stick to a restricted subset of C++ for perfectly good reasons, but they (as far as I have noticed) are not the people who say "C/C++".

I use C/C++ only in phrases such as "C/C++ compatibility".

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