Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Podcasts/Talks 2014 30 Oct - 19 Nov

This time I have a good list of interesting talks:-)
  • Polyglot Data (Greg Young) Good tips related to persistence, entities, events... Good explanation about the information lost when we only store the actual state of an entitiy instead the stream of events of the entity. There is no "best" database, only "best database for" some use cases. The benefits of separate bounded contexts and decide wich databases are the bests for this bounded context... Separation of reads from writes (CQRS). Lot of good stuff.
  • Virtual Machines, JavaScript and Assembler (Scott_Hanselman) Very fun talk. Also gives an interesting overview of current technology (cloud, web, etc.).
  • Our Responsibility to Defeat Mass Surveillance (Erik Dörnenburg and Martin Fowler) Inspirational talk about some of our responsibilities as developers.
  • Embracing Uncertainty (Dan North) Very interesting talk to be aware of our aversion to uncertainty. We usualy make bad decisions in order to avoid the feeling of uncertainty.
  • Are We There Yet? (Rich Hickey) Talk about the functional programming using immutable data structures and the benefits if this programming for systems requiring high concurrency.
  • Consistency without consensus in production systems (Peter Bourgon) Very practical talk, about real systems using eventual consistency and a good/practical explanation about  CRDT data types.

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