Monday, June 27, 2016

Book Review: The Agile Samuray

A very interesting book to enter in the field of agile development. Adequate for developers, managers or other persons related with the creation of a software product.

Is an introduction, for sure and this book shouldn't be the only book you use to understand this agile movement. But I like a lot that even if it is an introductory book, it includes in the core some of the technical practices needed. This practices are fundamental for any agile development effort, but usually, they are not mentioned in the introductory books.
Lot of introductory book only talk about scrum tools, cultural changes, etc. but we are developing software and if we generate crap, using this scrum artifacts, we will continue creating the same crap.
We need the three pillars for sustainable deliver a software product: technical practices, culture/principles and management artifacts (daily, iterations, kanban board...). And if I only can have two of the three, I definitely will select the culture/principles and the technical practices.

This books also have a very good description about the Agile Inception method that is very helpful.

So if you need a simple but interesting introduction to agile, this book is a good recommendation.

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