Monday, August 17, 2020

Resources for Product Management for Internal Platform

"The purpose of a platform team is to enable stream-aligned teams to deliver work with substantial autonomy. The stream-aligned team maintains full ownership of building, running, and fixing their application in production. The platform team provides internal services to reduce the cognitive load that would be required from stream-aligned teams to develop these underlying services."

The last year I have been leading the Platform Team in a startup during the scale phase. First at Nextail and currently at Although it is the first time I focus exclusively on that team, the truth is that throughout my career, I have always got very involved in any initiative or organization focused on improving internal tools or provide a platform for the rest of the engineering team.

I have always liked these teams, for the transversal impact they have on the whole product organization and the capacity they have to enable the DevOps culture.

But I've always seen that they usually focus too much on technology and not so much in the customer, our colleagues.  Happily, it seems that these teams are starting to be treated as product teams and are beginning to use modern product management techniques.

There are still not many resources dedicated to how to treat the Platform as an internal product. So I have decided to compile in this post the most interesting resources I have found about it.

Interesting presentations


Articles and blog posts


I didn't find any specific book about Product management techniques for Platform teams, but we can always adapt the techniques described in modern product management books.

Other resources

I'd love to share resources with anyone who's interested in the subject. Any suggestions/resources/ideas are welcome.


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