Sunday, May 16, 2021

Good talks/podcasts (May 2021 I)


These are the best podcast/talks I've seen/listen to recently:

  • 36 - Building High-Performing Teams with Observability and CI/CD (Charity Majors) [Agile, Continuous Delivery, Engineering Culture, Inspirational, Technical Practices, Technical leadership] A high-performing team is one that gets to spend almost all of their time solving interesting problems that move the business forward. Not doing a lot of toil. Not working on things they have to do in order to get to the things they want to do.
  • What Are Reactive Systems? (Dave Farley) [Architecture, Design, Microservices] Dave describes the use of Asynchronous messaging as the foundation of this approach and how a simple system built this way would be be fast, responsive, resilient
  • Improving Oncall Support with Meaningful Alarms (Brian Scanlan) [Architecture, Architecture patterns, Engineering Culture, Operations] Robby speaks with Brian Scanlan, Principal Systems Engineer at Intercom. They discuss the benefits of having consistent software patterns across an organization, how run books are a must-have (and why they should be tested), and optimizing for developer productivity. Brian also talks about approaches to reducing deployment time and why it is so vital to be responsive to their customers.
  • Ep. #4, Everything is an Experiment with Charity Majors and Liz Fong-Jones of Honeycomb (Charity Majors, Liz Fong-Jones) [Continuous Delivery, Engineering Culture, Operations] In episode 4 of Unintended Consequences, Yoz and Kim speak with Charity Majors and Liz Fong-Jones of Honeycomb about scaling teams and company values. They share how their team makes space for curiosity and learning as a group, and why this has been so important for the Honeycomb platform.

Reminder, All these talks are interesting even just listening to them, without seeing them.


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