Monday, March 28, 2016

Book Reviews: Some books I recently read

The Lean Startup Eric Ries A great and practical book on how to sistematicaly apply the cientific method in the context of startups. I think this is the "must read" book for any startup.
I am very surprised to discover that there are a lot of startup than don't apply this method or even don't know about its existence. I think that is unforgivable mistake...
This book starts a movement to make a very cost effective "business discovery" processes :)

The Amazon Way John Rossman. A interesting book about a strong culture with  a very deep/interiorized values. Easy reading and very well structured. Interesting to get ideas, but not all of them are for me :)

The Lean CEO Javob Stoller Interesting vision about the needed support from the CEO for any Lean transformation. From the book you can derive that without this kind of support any transformation of this kind is doomed to fail... We need more of this open minded CEOs :)

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Jeff Cox. A very interesting book narrated as a novel about a transformation to Lean. Some very interesting metaphors, tips and even the mind process to archive the profound change needed.
Very interesting for industrial manufacturing, but If you come from the IT/Software development bussines, is better to read the The Phoenix Project that have the same structure but for IT context. Anyway is an excelent book that deserves a carful reading if you are interested in lean.

Zero to One Peter Thiel, Blake Masters. Interesting book about the diferents way of thinking to create a completly new markets and real innovation. A complementary book for The Innovator's dilemma but in my case, I don't think that this book changed my way of thinking... A good reading anyway.

The Lean Enterprise: How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups Trevor Owens, Obie Fernandez. Is funny becouse I read this book becouse a confusion... I wanted to read but I just buy the wrong one, so for sure is not the content I was looking for ;)
Anyway is an interesting book very focused on how structure different organizations to innovate even in a context that make ir very difficult. The content does indeep overlap with The Innovator's dilemma so it give me some perspective but no new points of view.

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