Saturday, April 09, 2016

Book Review: Thinking Fast Slow, Daniel Kahneman

Thinking Fast Slow, Daniel Kahneman

IMHO a must read for any human being. In my case it changes how I think about the thinking process and make me more conscious about my own reactions, decisions, limitations, etc.

A great book, It have good explanations and a lot of examples and experiments. In fact, the experiments some times can be a little boring. I think that there is another "simplified" version that perhaps has less number of experiments or with less detail. Anyway, this version or the other is a complete must read...

The author explains the two different "thinking systems", the system one that is fast, intuitive, emotional and cheap in terms of energy and the system two that is rational, logical, deliberative and for sure, slower and with higher energy consumption. We usually identify ourselves with the second one, but in fact we use the first one almost all the time. The book help us to identify this systems, recognize when we are using each one and even how we can make conscious efforts to use the system two or train/improve the system one.

Very interesting reading.

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