Sunday, December 18, 2016

Book Review: Antifragile


Things that gain from disorder

This is the best book I read this year… It was eye-opening for me, it make me change my point of view regarding working or dealing with complex domains and connect the dots between some ideas coming from different sources that I have pending to connect.
This book sometimes is not very easy to read and sometime it have some repetitive examples, but in general make easy to understand concepts that initially are not so easy so is a great work. And as I commented I think that the content is great, full of insights, takeaways and new point of views to deal with complex adaptive systems.

I think is a fundamental book to understand evolutive systems, their emergent behaviors and their characteristics. It also allow to identify very easy systems that in the beginning seems efficient but in fact are fragile, without any margin or slack and are doomed to be failure.

As a computer science and professional developer in this book I have identified lot of ideas from this field… For example, Alan Kay talking about objects as a biological systems, the Cynefin framework, abstraction, federation and microservices as presented by Tom & Mary Poppendieck, or the failure injection to improve a system (as in chaos engineering, netflix simian army).

A great book and lot of wisdom for anyone interested in complex adaptive systems, system thinking, etc...

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