Saturday, December 31, 2016

brief summary / retrospective of this past year 2016

From a professional point of view, this is the summary of this past year 2016...

At the end of 2015 I decide to learn about scalability, distributed systems and cloud native systems to expand my professional comfort zone.

Following this decision, I decided to change from the great XP team at Alea Soluciones to TheMotion. I explain why in this blogpost

I walked 2752KM (5.50Km/hour) More or less, 225KM/month, 7.5KM/DAY usualy 10KM/day, but some days I skipped the walk due to bad weather.
I assisted to the following conferences:

I started to write blog posts in English and it seems to have a clear impact in the number of visits. It's true that my English is very bad, but "If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late." :-)   And the only way to improve, is to try, fail and learn (by doing).

I wrote my personal mission This personal mission come from several years of thinking about myself and my acts, but this was the first time that I decided to wrote and publish it. For me, this is an inflection point in my professional and personal career.

One year at TheMotion
  • To maintain
    • Lean development, Focus on flow, Continuous delivery
    • Cloud related learning (I should be very conscious of the Dunning Kruger effect)
    • Simplicity / systematic work against complexity.
    • Validation of high scalability designs (horizontal scalability, event sourcing, queues, simple design, evolutionary design...)
    • Great team (very capable and collaborating and improving all the time). Already with great habits (focus on flow, simplicity, good testing level...)
  • To improve
    • More code/design time.
    • More technical mentoring (using pairing and internal talks).
    • Help to simplify organization structure, improving collaboration, removing complexity, management, and command and control tendency.

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