Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Book Review: Drive (Daniel H. Pink)


The Surpising truth about what motivate us

I think that this book is fundamental to understanding how “work” is changing and what motivates us in a knowledge-work environment.

The jobs from the industrial age are disappearing and each day the number of jobs that require a lot of knowledge and creativity are increasing. So the tools and structures created for the previous era have no sense anymore. In fact I think that some of these tools and ideas are counterproductive.

This book explains human motivation very well and how science is discovering and validating these ideas. It also explains the differences between these ideas and the ideas that are the basis for the actual management techniques used by the vast majority of the companies. It also describes some examples of successful companies that use a more modern approach based on these verified ideas.

An indispensable book to understand the human motivations discovered through science: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.

It also describes some companies that have been successfully adapted and that use this knowledge about motivation to be more successful.

Indispensable for anyone interested in human relations, world environment and in how to improve our organizations.

I am very pleased to see that a lot of companies in my environment (software development, IT, etc) understand these principles and use this knowledge to generate a more “rich” environment.

Book highly recommended

In case anyone prefers a very quick summary you may also find interesting the following TED talk of its author:

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