Thursday, June 11, 2020

Technology at the Core of Product Discovery /Webminar

Today I had the pleasure of presenting a talk on Product Discovery from an engineering point of view. Many thanks to Gerard Chiva and Aktia Solutions for the invitation.



Original document


  • The four big risks
  • The Most important thing
  • Software has diseconomies of scale – not economies of scale
  • Online Experimentation at Microsoft
  • Are 64% of Features Really Rarely or Never Used?
  • Modern Extreme Programming
  • Empowered product teams

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    aitor said...

    That “64% of features are rarely used” referenced a 2002 talk, quite old. I don’t know if we have learnt anything in those years and we managed to improve those numbers, I can’t find a newer source talking about this. Do you know any?

    eferro said...

    Unfortunately I don't have more recent data on unused features, although I hope the current number will be lower thanks to experimentation.

    Maybe you will find interesting some references about experimentation.

    aitor said...

    Ok, thank you Edu.