Friday, February 12, 2021

Good talks/podcasts (Feb 2021 I)


 These are the best podcast/talks I've seen/listen to recently:

  • Where do great architectures come from? (Mary Poppendieck) [Architecture, Architecture patterns, Inspirational] Mary Poppendieck walks you through a few of the more dramatic architectural changes, looking at what triggered them and how well they worked out. Interesting keynote to understand the fundamental architectural characteristics of software systems (redundancy, isolation, locality, security).
  • The elephant in the architecture (Martin Fowler) [Architecture, Inspirational, Technology Strategy] A short but interesting keynote about why business value should be treated as an architectural attribute.
  • Going deeper with maps (Simon Wardley) [Product Strategy, Technology Strategy] As always, inspiring, and thought-provoking....
  • Modern Agile (Joshua Kerievsky) [Agile, Company Culture, Engineering Culture, Lean] Josh Kerievsky explains what he means by modern agility, shares real-world modern agile stories, shows how modern agile addresses key risks while targeting results over rituals, and reveals how the 2001 agile manifesto can be updated to reflect modern agile's four guiding principles.
  • Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais on Software Architecture, Team Topologies, and Platforms (Manuel Pais, Matthew Skelton) [Devops, Engineering Culture, Platform, Platform as a product, Teams] Topics discussed included: the role of a modern software architect, how team design impacts software architecture, creating “team APIs” in order to reduce cognitive load, and the benefits of building a “thinnest viable platform”.

Reminder, All these talks are interesting even just listening to them, without seeing them.


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