Saturday, February 12, 2022

Good talks/podcasts (February 2022 II)

These are the best podcast/talks I've seen/listen to recently:
  • Platforms at Twilio: Unlocking Developer Effectiveness (Justin Kitigawa) [Developer Productivity, Devex, Devops, Platform, Platform as a product] [Duration: 0:50:00] (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) Learn how Twilio’s internal Platform has evolved to reduce their engineers' cognitive load by providing a unified self-service, declarative platform to build, deliver, and run the thousands of global microservices that make up Twilio.
  • DOES15 Its All About Feedback (Elisabeth Hendrickson) [Devops, Quality, XP, testing] [Duration: 0:34:00] In this talk you’ll hear about Elisabeth's journey from the traditional silos with inherently long feedback latency to my current reality of increasingly tight feedback loops, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. The talk include how Extreme Programming generate short feedback loops.
  • DOES14 On the Care and Feeding of Feedback Cycles (Elisabeth Hendrickson) [Continuous Delivery, Devops, Feedback cycles, Inspirational, Quality] [Duration: 0:31:00] (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) This talk examines the many forms of feedback, the questions each can answer, and the risks each can mitigate. Agile practices involve testing early and often. However feedback comes in many forms, only some of which are traditionally considered testing. Continuous integration, acceptance testing with users, even cohort analysis to validate business hypotheses are all examples of feedback cycles.
  • Complex Adaptive Systems (Dave Snowden) [DDD, Inspirational] [Duration: 0:57:00] Inspiring talk about Complex Adaptive Systems and what are the most effective approaches to deal with them.
  • Honeycomb & OpenTelemetry: Instrumentation Should Be Boring (Paul Osman) [Monitoring, Operations] [Duration: 0:28:00] In this session, Paul gives an overview of how Honeycomb has embraced OpenTelemetry as a key part of our instrumentation strategy, how this can help make instrumenting your code easier, and what you can expect from Honeycomb and OpenTelemetry in the near future.
Reminder, All these talks are interesting even just listening to them.


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