Wednesday, January 02, 2019

2018 Retrospective


A pretty good year, like everyone since I learned to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life. :)
Enjoying with my partner (of whom I learn day by day) and with our daughter who is becoming a great person and of whom we feel very proud.


It has been a good year. I went deeper (through practice) in some of my favorite topics:
  • Grow of engineering teams
  • Product development flow (CD, lean product development, etc.)
  • Scalable systems (distributed systems, automation, system engineering, etc.)
I usually make very conscious decisions about where I want to go professionally. I research the trends in our industry, the ecosystems, and how each company does the work.
A few years ago I wanted to enter the world of startups and live from within the process of escalating a business.  That made me enter TheMotion (why-am-i-at-themotion), but unfortunately, we didn't reach the scaling phase.

So in February of this year, I switched to Nextail (next-stop-nextail). Nextail born with great knowledge about the  Fashion retail industry and how to leverage technology (predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence) to align supply and demand.  The business model and the product is already validated, and right now we're in the growth phase. A great place and the right time. :)

Professional - Personal:

Honey Badgers

Another interesting story in 2018 (which began in 2017) was the evolution of the development team we were in TheMotion from group to team and from team to tribe. More info in this post honey-badgers-from-team-to-tribe
We even organized our own tech conference tejones-conf-18-next-step-of-tribe


During 2018 I have changed to working almost entirely remotely, and I have to say that not only have I adapted well but I sincerely believe that it is the future for many professions.
Of course, I like to work together with other people, as a team. But the most critical factor to be a team is the culture, not the physical distance.
Some things become more difficult in remote and others easier, it's a matter of adapting our system of work. We need to change the way we do the most difficult things and take advantage of the possibilities that remote working brings.

Random 2018 facts:


No goals. but one concern. The impostor syndrome is attacking me hard lately, and I have to think about how to manage it, bearing in mind that I don't want to lose my capacity as an engineer.


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